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Starting life as the child of self builders, my interest was intrigued at an early age. Skills were learned from many on site tradespeople from carpentry to plumbing, bricklaying to electrical, I could not learn enough.

After my early years I began to focus on carpentry and cabinet making, learning from old masters and books along with a heavy amount of trial and error! I completed courses in window framing and renovation and cabinet making.

Following early college I departed to explore the world, working my way around in bars and music venues, occasionally volunteering my help to the people I met building roofs, hanging doors and all manner of small jobs. I also bought and renovated my own property, renting it to students and friends whilst I travelled.

Returning to the UK, I found myself working as Chief Carpenter at Walton Garden Buildings, designing and prototyping new sheds, greenhouses and Log cabins, building jigs for the production line and carrying out various maintenance jobs around the factory. Unfortunately the crisis in 2009 meant I was made redundant, as the company bought in cheap sheds from abroad.

At this time I started taking on small projects and sub-contract work, building all sorts from ponds with wheelchair access to subbing on a cricket pavillion and bespoke kitchens.